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2019 Lexus UX first drive overview

The books, movies, and tv shows that predicted what existence would peep esteem in the Twenty first century left out one key component of the 2018 panorama: the crossover.
Crossovers are in every neighborhood, every automobile car parking lot, every condo vehicle speedy, and on every runt-entry toll road in The USA. Motorists pick them quicker than vehicle companies can construct them. It is ideal, then, that Lexus replaced the growing older CT hatchback with a excessive-utilizing refined-roader named UX. Call it a signal of the cases.
The UX stands out as undoubtedly one of Lexus’ most necessary product launches since its inception in 1989. It’s the emblem’s entry-stage mannequin each in phrases of dimension and impress. The Jap firm isn’t ready to be in contact about pricing files but but Cynthia Tenhouse, the same outdated supervisor of product and consumer marketing for Lexus, told Digital Trends the UX will initiate at $32,000. That figure corresponds to the entry-stage, entrance-wheel drive mannequin. The all-wheel drive hybrid variant will rate $34,000. Neither figure contains a compulsory $1,025 vacation build price.
Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsFull files (including the total listing of regular and no longer compulsory capabilities) shall be released in the weeks leading up to the UX’s on-sale date in early 2019. We already know the irascible mannequin shall be entrance-wheel drive handiest; stepping up to a hybrid might be the finest solution to accumulate all-wheel drive.
Greater than meets the deem about
Produce is subjective so we’ll play it stable and reflect a peep at to follow the details. First, Lexus stylists clearly appreciated a engaging, fancy-it-or-hate-it plot when they drew the UX. 2d, it’s straight recognizable as a member of the Lexus family. The acquainted spindle-formed grille dominates the entrance discontinuance whereas angular lights with checkmark-formed LED inserts illuminate the toll road forward. Creases and scallops damage up the UX’s visible mass when it’s considered from the side. Out again, finned lights connected by a delicate bar and a roof-mounted spoiler add a of completion to the general peep.
The UX is convenient; it’s for customers who gaze the basic thought of private transportation as one more app in their lives.
It’s a easy twist of fate that the fins are formed esteem the letter L. They wouldn’t peep any numerous if officers had chosen the title Zexus or Bexus when they secretly met to mirror Toyota upmarket as a result of they’re purposeful. Lexus identified they pork up airflow by reducing turbulence around the again of the vehicle, which helps preserve it stable at greater speeds, in particular in crosswinds. Judge them as scaled-down variations of the winglets changing into extra and extra neatly-liked on airplanes.
Lexus created two new colors known as cadmium orange and nori green (pictured on our check vehicle), respectively, for the UX. They are going to later spread to numerous contributors of the emblem’s lineup.
The UX makes a great first affect from the driver’s seat. The steering wheel resembles the one display in the LS, a easy but fantastic trick to perform the mannequin peep esteem a extra costly vehicle, and most of the materials truly feel esteem they belong in a luxury vehicle. The UX won’t blush when as in contrast with numerous upmarket crossovers esteem the Volvo XC40 and the BMW 1 Assortment. We also esteem that the inner is on the the same perform pane as the inner. You’ll fancy it or you’ll hate it, esteem we mentioned earlier than, but no longer no longer up to it’s congruous.

Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsThe switches and buttons are valid where you build a question to to search out them with the distinguished exception of the drive mode selector, which stands proud from the valid side of the instrument cluster housing. The drum on the left side of the housing is a swap that turns the traction control on and off, an go the moderate UX owner will perform precisely zero cases for the length of their time with the vehicle. These two drums perform a visible link between the UX and the differ-topping LC coupe.
In addition they remind us of the creep lodged in the neck of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. There. We mentioned it.
The techista’s crossover
Intensive market research shows the moderate UX buyer cares extra about technology and connectivity than about horsepower and handling. It doesn’t wish to channel decades of racing heritage or perform the driver truly feel esteem he’s in the again of the wheel of a LMP1-spec prototype. It desires to be convenient; it’s for customers who gaze the basic thought of private transportation as one more app in their busy, connected lives.
The UX optimizes it’s drivetrain efficiency by examining actual-time internet page visitors files, utilizing habits, and navigation files.
Execrable items reach with a seven-scamper display camouflage mounted on top of the dashboard. Investors who pay further for navigation also receive an eight-scamper display camouflage. Each and each units are controlled via a touchpad no longer not like the one on your laptop. It’s positioned on the middle console, next to the gear selector. We’ve criticized this setup in the previous as a result of it’s as intuitive as the utilization of a laptop collectively with your feet. Lexus is the engaging exception to the rule of thumb.
Navigating the UX’s infotainment machine with the touchpad isn’t wherever reach as easy as it might be with a marginally display camouflage, but Lexus made the setup as particular person-profitable as it would also be. It helps that the display camouflage shows sure, moving colors and responds to input virtually straight. The menus aren’t the least bit times shallow but every option is legibly organized in an inventory that pops up on either side of the main display camouflage. Alternatively, the entrance passengers can adjust the local climate control and entertainment settings the utilization of fascinating buttons learned either on the middle stack or on the middle console.
Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsAmazon Alexa compatibility comes regular. Investors with an Alexa-enabled machine (esteem an Echo or a smartwatch) can use easy protest instructions to lock or free up the UX’s doorways, initiate the engine, or examine the fuel stage. They are going to moreover be in contact with their dwelling on-the-traipse. “Alexa, flip on the lounge lights.” “Alexa, end the blinds.” “Alexa, put collectively a tuna casserole.”
Lets contain made that closing one up.
Lexus doesn’t strive to traipse off the UX as an SUV; it’s a crossover.
One other trick tech characteristic goes by the title predictive eco drive control. Offered handiest on the hybrid mannequin, it analyzes actual-time internet page visitors files, the actual person’s utilizing habits, and navigation files to optimize how the drivetrain generates and dispenses electricity.
As an instance, take into account you reach to a quit on the the same intersection each day. The tool learns this behavior and triggers extra aggressive regenerative braking must you ease off the fuel pedal to ship extra electricity again to the battery pack. Clearly, this requires tracking the actual person. Motorists mad by privateness can flip the characteristic off. These who pick to preserve it on expertise a section-keen characteristic.
The listing goes on. Apple CarPlay compatibility comes regular. Lexus shunned it for years, forcing customers who wanted the characteristic in the direction of the competition, but Tenhouse admitted it one way or the other caved on account of overwhelming ask. The UX doesn’t pork up Android Auto but, even supposing Chad Deschenes, a product coach on the Lexus College, told Digital Trends the firm is originate to providing the tool in the upcoming years. In numerous phrases: no longer now, but by no plot converse by no plot.

Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsFour USB ports reach regular, too. Alternatives include an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot and a sleek head-up pronounce. We didn’t check the used, but we learned the latter easy to read even in gleaming daylight hours. We esteem that it shows a vitality meter in the hybrid mannequin. It’s likely you’ll presumably pronounce whether the battery pack is receiving or dishing out electricity without taking your eyes off the toll road and adjust your utilizing vogue accordingly.
Laid-again comes regular
Lexus affords the UX with two powertrains. The irascible UX 200 comes with a four-cylinder engine that makes 169 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 151 pound-feet of torque at four,800 rpm.  These figures are on the low side for the section; Volvo, BMW, and Audi provide extra regular horsepower. The 200’s four spins the entrance wheels thru a elaborate gearbox that’s undoubtedly a continually variable transmission (CVT) fitted with the everyday first gear from a regular automatic. Hiroyuki Ohta, undoubtedly one of Lexus’ vehicle review specialist, told us engineers took this route to perform a steadiness between a CVT’s excellent fuel economy and an automatic’s greater drivability.
We spent most of our time utilizing the gasoline-electrical UX 250h, whose a hundred seventy five-hp drivetrain teams an Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder with a pair of electrical motors that draw electricity from a nickel-steel hybride battery pack sandwiched underneath the rear bench. It promises improved efficiency and a smoother utilizing expertise.
Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsOne electrical motor helps the four-cylinder flow the entrance wheels thru the the same CVT display in the 200 mannequin, whereas the 2d zaps the rear axle into go as soon as the UX requires further traction, equivalent to when the entrance wheels hit an ice patch. It’s a thru-the-toll road all-wheel drive machine, that plot there is not any such thing as a mechanical connection (e.g., a driveshaft) between the entrance and rear axles. Lexus notes the battery pack stores adequate juice to vitality the UX on its own for the briefest of distances.
Lexus doesn’t strive to traipse off the UX as an SUV. It’s a crossover, one constructed on the the same same outdated platform as Toyota’s Corolla Hatch and C-HR, amongst numerous items. These roots perform it decidedly vehicle-preserve to drive around town, where its light steering and its tight turning radius perform maneuvering thru narrow streets a lumber. Suspension parts tuned with comfort in solutions ship a compliant hasten, even supposing it’s no longer as refined as numerous Lexus items esteem, converse, the ES. In an urban atmosphere, the 250h’s two vitality sources work collectively seamlessly esteem a band that’s perfectly in sync. The engine is the frontman and the electrical motors are the supporting musicians. To proceed our analogy, we’ll name the transmission the drummer.
The UX is overjoyed the least bit cases. It wouldn’t be tremendous of carrying the oval Lexus emblem if it wasn’t.
The divulge-shift transmission feels esteem a regular automatic at reflect-off. There might be not any longer undoubtedly one of many droning or rubber-band esteem truly feel in overall connected to a CVT. That comes later, when the transmission switches from gear to belt operation. It’s no longer the worst CVT in the marketplace but it absolutely’s peaceful a CVT and it behaves esteem one, in particular when the driver summons extra of the engine’s vitality to merge, traipse, or traipse up a hill. Most opponents, including the XC40, provide a conventional automatic transmission.
Pick the UX out on a rustic lane with sweeping turns and you’ll accumulate it’s suited to drive without being exhilarating. It delivers smooth, laid-again acceleration that’s solid but won’t pin the driver to the again of the seat. Take into accout: technology over horsepower. Connectivity over handling. The constructed-in utilizing modes don’t vastly change the UX’s behavior, in particular since American-spec items won’t receive the adaptive suspension offered in many alternative markets around the globe. It’s by no plot too refined or too hardcore.
The UX maintains its composure on the toll road. On-middle truly feel is sleek and the brakes are ample. We esteem the lane-conserving help technology, which retains the vehicle centered in its lane in station of sacrificing it as the ball in a ping-pong match between the two facets of the toll road. It’s light, too; we managed to contain a conversation with our co-driver at about 75 mph without shouting over the four cylinders.
Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsAll told, the UX is overjoyed the least bit cases. It wouldn’t be tremendous of carrying the oval Lexus emblem if it wasn’t. The hasten is refined, the seats are plush, and the cabin is enormous, even with four folk on board. The hybrid mannequin affords 17.1 cubic feet of trunk station, a figure that’s on the lower discontinuance of the spectrum for the section. It lacks the XC40’s trick storage solutions, too.
We didn’t use adequate time in the again of the wheel to measure actual-world fuel economy for either mannequin and the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) hasn’t released its outcomes but. We noticed the hybrid’s electrical-handiest differ is basically symbolic, on the other hand. The battery’s price lasts a pair of rapid miles at handiest and conserving the four-cylinder light requires giving the throttle the lightest of inputs.
Peace of solutions
Each and each UX no matter engaging stage or powertrain comes with dual entrance, entrance knee, entrance side, and curtain airbags moreover to traction and stability control programs. Lexus also contains its Safety Machine+ suite of utilizing aids, which bundles a pre-collision machine with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering help, lane tracing help, toll road signal assistance, and automatic excessive beams. In numerous phrases: the UX has your again must you will need it most. Its sturdy suite of safety capabilities makes up for a pair of of its shortcomings in much less main areas esteem utilizing dynamics.

2019 Lexus UX In contrast To

Lexus hasn’t released warranty files but. It’s reasonable to mirror the UX will reach with the the same coverage as every member of the firm’s lineup. It contains a same outdated warranty sleek for forty eight months or 50,000 miles and a powertrain warranty that lasts seventy two months or 70,000 miles. Additionally, Lexus covers the parts that perform up the hybrid machine for eight years or a hundred,000 miles.
The challengers
The UX primarily locks horns with the surprisingly shiny Volvo XC40. Neither mannequin has excessive enthusiast-profitable pretensions; you won’t accumulate them doing sizzling laps earlier than their each day traipse back and forth. Instead, they each dress a distinct extra or much less desk with technology and a contemporary solution to perform as the company of honor. On this appreciate, the XC40 is the UX’s most divulge rival.
Other alternate ideas include the Audi Q3, the BMW X1, and the Mercedes-Benz GLA. The UX inevitably overlaps with greater-discontinuance variants of the Mini Countryman, too, and it would deserve to fend off the Cadillac XT4, a promising up-and-comer.
How DT would configure this vehicle
Lexus hasn’t released rotund specifications about the UX but so we’re going to’t observation on the alternate ideas we’d pick and the ones we’d leave out. We’d draw end the basic, non-hybrid mannequin unless we truly wanted all-wheel drive to usually vitality thru snowy roads and we’d add navigation.
The Lexus UX fulfills the mission of handing over tech-fluent, stress-free motoring on the expense of a thrilling utilizing expertise. It’s a combination that meets the wants of most motorists, and the all-in-one Lexus Entire Lease program represents a convenient alternative to shopping or leasing. Don’t be greatly surprised must you initiate seeing U.s.pop up on your each day traipse back and forth.

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