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A brand fresh patch hits Apex Legends this day, and with it comes more efforts to take care of the hitboxes of larger characters love Gibraltar.

Despite the indisputable truth that Gibraltar’s equipment makes him a classic tank—he has a defend when he objectives down sights, and his final is an impenetrable defend—gamers infrequently pronounce him. On memoir of his character is larger in dimension, he has a larger hitbox, which implies that he’s more straightforward to abolish. Better characters Caustic and Pathfinder like a identical complications.

Whereas outdated changes to the dimensions of hitboxes seems to love worked for Pathfinder, this day’s update additional addresses this direct by giving Gibraltar and Caustic a brand fresh perk to their passive ability called Fortified, which reduces fracture taken by 10%. Gibraltar’s gun defend fracture has been increased as neatly, and has Caustic’s gasoline fracture and Final throw distance.

“At the originate of Season 1, we beforehand talked about how our loved Thicc Bois (Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic) had been getting overwhelmed as a consequence of their hitbox dimension when put next with different Legends. We first wanted to strive adjusting hitboxes to higher fit the mannequin. For Pathfinder, this trade worked thoroughly,” a representative from Apex Legends’ pattern studio, Respawn Leisure, wrote on Reddit. “Nonetheless, after attempting at the knowledge and player suggestions, Gibraltar and Caustic simplest improved a tiny with the hitbox changes.”

“We don’t mediate that hit field and character equipment tuning is enough to bring Gibraltar and Caustic in accordance with their smaller opponents,” the post persevered. “Over the week or two following this trade, we would possibly possibly be staring at how they devise with this extra protection and aggressively tune it if they are soundless underpowered relative to their dimension. Our impartial is to make obvious both Legends are viable picks by the end of this project.”

The patch furthermore contains weapon changes to develop sniper rifles more viable by lowering sway and fracture low cost, rising vitality weapon magazine dimension, and nerfing the Wingman’s magazine dimension “so as that it doesn’t dominate the stock gun vs. stock gun fight early on as a consequence of its mountainous excessive fracture per bullet.” The Wingman has dominated Apex’s meta since a few weeks after originate.

The changes are outlined intimately in the patch notes, posted on Reddit, and arrived for all gamers at 1pm Eastern time.

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