Destiny 2 Leak Reveals Shadowkeep Growth, Space On The Moon – Kotaku

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A spanking sizzling mild leak has published the next Destiny 2 growth, and it’s space within the predicament from which wizards contrivance. Shadowkeep, that could select Destiny avid gamers help to the moon, will saunter are residing this fall.

Bungie plans to formally existing Shadowkeep all the very most reasonable draw via a livestream on Thursday afternoon, nonetheless discover has leaked out at the moment time thanks to dataminers digging via the PC files in at the moment time’s monumental Destiny 2 update, Season of Opulence. (The above screen is probably going intended to pop up whenever you occur to log into the game after Shadowkeep is unveiled on Thursday.) The moon used to be one amongst Destiny 1‘s fundamental locations, nonetheless has not but made an appearance within the sequel, which came out in 2017.

The pre-E3 leaks by no contrivance cease! Extra coming all the very most reasonable draw via Bungie’s movement on Thursday.

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