Girl dies after apparent struggle with a neighbor over a parking dilemma

Police are investigating the loss of life of a girl who died quickly after she purchased accurate into a struggle over a parking dilemma.

The son of the victim identified the deceased as Lourdes Estremera, and she or he is believed to have gotten accurate into a dispute with a neighbor over a parking dilemma stop to their houses.

“She hurt up collapsing with the paramedics and the police there,” her son Christian Rosa suggested ABC plot WPVI. “Sadly, she’s no longer here no extra.”

“We lost our compass,” Rosa suggested WPVI.

Citing unidentified authorities, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Estremera had set up a barbecue in a parking dilemma, and that the other girl drove up and wished to exercise the dilemma for her car.

The Philadelphia Police Division put out an announcement about the incident.

“A 57-one year-extinct female victim had bodily altercation with but some other female over parking dilemma,” officers acknowledged in an announcement.

The police spokesperson used to be unable to give additional description of the personality of the bodily altercation, or the injuries sustained right thru the struggle.

The spokesperson did add that “whereas talking to the officers she grew to changed into unresponsive and began bleeding from her nose.”

In the initial assertion, police eminent that medics have been requested to the scene when the victim grew to changed into unresponsive, and that the victim used to be pronounced dumb at the scene at 10: 00 p.m. by the responding medics.

The police are currently classifying the incident as a homicide.

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