Pixel 3 provides Fresh Yorkers some grand wanted peace in unique Avengers: Endgame ad – The Verge

After every Avengers film, there’s continually one quiz left unanswered: what’s it worship for the everyday Fresh Yorker who has to navigate traumatic alien invasions every few years? It’s not precise Michael Keaton’s Harm Management team in Spider-Man: Homecoming who has to effort about Fresh York after every assault.

A brand unique ad for Google’s Pixel 3 solutions that quiz. Whether or not it’s the exercise of Google Maps to examine out to search out a route that isn’t blocked by crashing alien ships or asking Google to play a “deep focal point” playlist, Google says the Pixel 3 is here to back Fresh Yorkers put out of your mind about all of these pesky invaders. Even at fully half of of Fresh York’s fashioned population (Thanos’ snap presumably ability more Fresh Yorkers can derive a seat on the subway true by the morning shuffle hour), it’s glaring that sending extraterrestrial mercenaries to Earth is soundless inflicting a headache.

The industrial accompanies an announcement from Google that five unique Marvel superheroes are joining the Playmoji AR lineup. Battle Machine, Thor, Shadowy Widow, Rocket, and Captain Marvel be a part of Iron Man, Captain The US, Hulk, Nebula, and Okoye. Pixel 3 customers can add these characters to scenes in their precise lifestyles and snap some frigid photos.

Avengers: Endgame will hit theaters on April 26th.

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