The 5 handiest and worst things about the Samsung Galaxy S10 – Android Police

The 5 handiest and worst things about the Samsung Galaxy S10 – Android Police

Samsung has traditionally been a identified quantity within the Android world: big hardware, right cameras, instrument you place up with. And while the Galaxy S10 household is basically what that it’s probably you’ll rep got come to expect, there are highs and lows here that don’t seem to be necessarily per Samsung custom. You could be in a position to come all over our fat critiques of the Galaxy S10+ and S10e for more in-depth diagnosis, but listed below are our five accepted and five least accepted things about the S10 line in a nutshell.

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The Finest


Samsung’s displays are the handiest within the industry. That’s nothing new, but its phones this twelve months raised the bar but all all over again; as David place it in his critiques, they’re the “handiest ever, but higher than that.” All over all three S10 devices, displays are lustrous, colourful, and tack-titillating. The S10 and S10+ sport 1440p OLED panels; the S10e has a resolution of 1080p, but mute shares its gargantuan brothers’ strengths in being lustrous and lustrous as all rep-out.


Accurately responsive and delicate, with a Snapdragon 855 and between six and 12 (twelve!) gigabytes of RAM, reckoning on your most normal mannequin and alternate choices. The S10 line is crazy quick, capable of dealing with any activity it’s probably you’ll perchance well doubtless want to throw at a phone without breaking a sweat.


The S10+ has a host of cameras. Round support there are huge-angle, ultra-huge-angle, and telephoto shooters; up front, two cameras for selfies in that robotic-face cutout (despite the incontrovertible reality that one is shapely for sensing depth). The mixture of cameras on the support affords you big flexibility in how you body a shot, without having to resort to digital zoom or cropping after the reality.

Every thing there used to be to love about the S9’s setup lives on here; in right light, photos are detailed and colourful. The selfie digicam is a marked development for Samsung, producing more detailed photos than the front-facing cameras of the firm’s outdated offerings. And hey, the depth sensor can sense depth, so, bonus.

Meanwhile, the customary S10 and S10e ditch the rear telephoto lens and the front-facing depth digicam, but they mute plot conclude big photos with basically the predominant cameras they attain rep.


Since Google’s plot conclude on inventory Android stopped being execrable all over the KitKat era, it be been a phone alternate trope to mock Samsung’s skins; they’ve consistently been over the end and shapely roughly frightful. Iterations rep considered enhancements, but with its most up-to-date providing in One UI, the manufacturer has taken a working soar forward in rep. It be mute colourful and in all chance a contact childlike, nonetheless it be a ways more reserved and cohesive than TouchWiz or the Samsung Expertise ever had been.

Samsung’s apps were rethought, too, with an peep to the increasingly expansive displays phones are transport with: crucial UI choices are clustered toward the bottom of the veil, within thumb’s attain, except you scroll to suppose more jabber material. It all appears noteworthy more thoughtful, and it be a wanted breath of fresh air.

While you happen to love to must rep noteworthy more out of the brand new-and-improved instrument, look at out our 25 tricks and techniques on easy how to achieve shapely that.

Bells and whistles

The S10 line nails a host of the gargantuan aspects, and there are numerous subtler things to love about it, too. It be purchased Samsung Pay, which is accredited usually in each place that takes bank cards. There would possibly be expandable storage through microSD. To the satisfaction of Samsung loyalists, the manufacturer is one of the crucial ideal to incorporate 3.5-millimeter headphone jacks in its flagships. Need a case? Every accent-maker under the solar has some for Samsung devices. Even reverse wi-fi charging, while perchance a exiguous bit gimmicky, can come in at hand in a pinch. Cell phone-adjoining quality of existence is terribly excessive here.

The Worst

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Bezels super ample to accommodate fingerprint scanners are thoroughly extinct. The lots of is to both place it on a obvious aspect of the phone — the support is the normal preference — or, more currently, under the converse. Samsung opted for the latter within the S10 and S10+, and the outcome is no longer always big. The ultrasonic scanner bounces sound waves off your finger, and using instrument magic, reads the reverberations to establish whether the structure of your fingerprint fits what the phone has on file. It all sounds very slick and futuristic, but in practice, it be shapely irritating.

It be very unlikely to search out by truly feel, it be no longer in particular right, and it be no longer as quick as the sensor on the S9. Instrument updates rep helped issues to an extent, nonetheless it be mute slower and fewer right than a capacitive scanner. The Galaxy S10e’s fingerprint scanner is embedded within the power button, and it works swimmingly. If handiest all three devices shared that rep.


The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are gargantuan phones — even by 2019 standards, the S10+ is imposing, with a 6.4-chase veil. Enormous-slim bezels relieve, but few among us can attain the end of the factor while using it one-handed. Samsung’s instrument has been tweaked with this in mind, but the hardware is designed love our hands were rising along with our displays.

Enjoy most glass phones, all three S10 devices are delicate and slick (“incredibly, ridiculously slippery,” in David’s words), with rounded corners that provide exiguous to grip. That reality is shapely as noteworthy an indictment of contemporary smartphone rep on the total, but the S10+ makes issues worse with energy and quantity keys that are positioned frustratingly excessive on its sides; shapely locking the veil without using two hands can plot conclude some shimmying. On condition that cup is inclined to breaking even as you drop it on concrete (and that that is some exceedingly costly glass), you will doubtlessly need a case.

Exchange prospects

We will no longer predict the long rush, of route, but Samsung’s track file with instrument updates is no longer always big. Galaxy S9 devices handiest started getting Android 9 Pie in January — nearly five months after the update first landed on Pixel devices and the A must-rep Cell phone. The S8 line first saw the update shapely about a weeks within the past, and S7 phones are mute ready. Can rep to mute a phone you paid four figures for, one it’s probably you’ll perchance well doubtless reasonably rep for 3 or four years or longer, be months behind on most essential instrument updates? (No, it positively mustn’t.)

Cameras (all all over again)

While basically the predominant cameras on all three S10 phones are truly big, the extras — the ultra-huge and, on the S10+, telephoto — will no longer be stellar. By comparison, they rep sub-par photos, with shots from the ultra-huge lenses exhibiting distortion all over the sides, and telephoto pics recurrently popping out soft and grainy. Low-light efficiency is all-round disappointing, too, when put next to stiff competitors from the likes of Google and Huawei.


I’ve danced round this, nonetheless it must be talked about outright: paying $1,000 to $1,600 for a phone is rough. Sure, the non-plus S10 is more cost effective, starting at $900, but these costs are shapely too darn excessive. Sure, inflation is rampant alternate-huge, and yes, these are extraordinarily competent devices it’s probably you’ll perchance well doubtless maintain onto for years. Restful, in 2023, when your phone is scuffed up and slightly probably working an out-of-date model of Android, it doubtlessly is no longer going to actually feel in discovering it irresistible used to be worth spending a wide (or more) on. The S10e is more inexpensive, nonetheless it be lacking a host of its gargantuan brothers’ fancier aspects, and implicitly positioning $750 as a “funds” mark point is unsavory.

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