The brand new Moto Razr may be the hardest cell phone to repair ever

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It turns out foldable phones with bendy screens and complex hinges are hard to repair. Who’da thunk it? In fact , iFixit says the new Motorola Razr is the most difficult-to-repair phone that’s actually hit its tables.

The gadget scores a one out of 10 upon iFixit’s repairability scoreboard. The only product I could think of that’s have scored worse is the initial Surface Laptop, which usually scored a absolutely no. (the most recent modification brought that rating all the way back up to some 5). For evaluation, the iPhone 11 Professional Max scores the 6, and even the particular Galaxy Fold obtained a 2 .

iFixit blames the copious utilization of glue, needing to remove two separate batteries rather than the usual single one particular, and general complicated construction for the issues of opening the product. But hey, a minimum of you only need an example of a screwdriver.

It is worth noting, nevertheless , that Motorola is providing to replace screens just for $299, which is lower than what Apple fees to repair a much much less fancy iPhone 11 Pro Max screen.

Credit: iFixit

After immense buzz, the new Moto Razr is off to some rocky start, to place it nicely. Because cool and highly advanced as the form factor is certainly, reviewers have lamented about the crease within the screen, poor battery-life, mid-tier specs, plus middling camera. It appears as though it might not be the particular hero device Motorola was probably wishing for, but we’ll need to see what we believe when we get the hands on one.

Credit: iFixit

We’ll also have to see how Samsung’s new Galaxy Z . Flip fairs, exactly what with its “ultra-thin glass?? panel ?? cup that can somehow collapse ?? and elegant new hinge. Ideally, the company has discovered some lessons from your Galaxy Fold. Individually, I’m just awaiting JerryRigEverything to get their hands on one of those plus tell me if, such as all other glass cell phones, it “scratches in a level 6, along with deeper grooves in a level 7. ??