Ubisoft apologizes for homophobic slur in The Division 2’s boulevard artwork – Polygon

Ubisoft apologizes for homophobic slur in The Division 2’s boulevard artwork – Polygon

Ubisoft has apologized after Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 avid gamers seen a half of environmental artwork that comprises a refined but unmistakably homophobic slur.

The image in establish a question to considerations a mural on the side of a constructing in The Division 2’s Washington, D.C. Evidently a reference to the quilt of a 1981 single by the punk band Sad Flag (whose lead singer at the time, Henry Rollins, is from Washington), it shows a cop wearing a badge whose number is “FA6607.”

Offending portion highlighted by the red field.
Huge Entertainment/Ubisoft thru Imgur

The slur doesn’t obviously latest itself to passers-by — it became once known in an Imgur gallery of environmental artwork within the sport, and then handiest when avid gamers who known the reference zoomed in on the badge. Ubisoft apologized for the artwork anyway, and in a assertion acknowledged it would possibly maybe actually well be reviewing its studios’ asset reviews processes. The image became once taken out thru patch the day earlier than at the unique time, Ubisoft acknowledged.

“We specific remorseful about that this picture slipped thru our state material overview processes,” Ubisoft acknowledged, primarily primarily based on PC Gamer, “and we are currently reviewing them in explain to steer definite of this form of oversight from taking place within the long straggle.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 became once developed by Huge Entertainment, along with seven other studios — Ubisoft-owned Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, and Ubisoft studios in Annecy, France; Bucharest, Romania; Leamington, England, Shanghai and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ubisoft has urge into constructing-level gaffes bask in this sooner than. On the cease of 2017. For Honor added a brand unusual finishing animation thru which the victim of a feminine fighter class perceived to grope her sooner than she performed him off. On the time, an Ubisoft score acknowledged the offending animation became once an earlier version that had not been accredited, and became once uploaded to the sport by mistake. It became once replaced almost a month later, with an apology and promises that “extra pause gaps” had been added to their route of to wait on such issues out within the long straggle.

And in January, Ubisoft’s tentpole Murderer’s Creed series ran into difficulty when a DLC extension for Murderer’s Creed Odyssey forced the player correct into a former heterosexual romance ensuing within the beginning of a kid, despite same-sex romance alternatives at some level of the predominant sport. The sport’s ingenious director apologized and acknowledged the memoir reasons for that form of persona constructing were “poorly performed.” Ubisoft Montreal later made adjustments to a cutscene and the title of a trophy/achievement for polishing off the chapter. Murderer’s Creed Odyssey became once restful nominated for a predominant ever Media Award for video games by the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD.